Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everything is Better with Mulch; The Cheap and Easy Fix

A large yard takes a lot of time and money to keep up.  I frequently find myself  in shorter supply of both. Rather than leaving problem areas unattended at all, I use what my mom calls the "lick and promise" approach.

One such case was a unsightly stump left over from a tree that fell during Hurricane Sandy. Removal services can charge anywhere from $100 to $400 and doing it ourselves would have been a huge undertaking.  We couldn't simply ignore the area because it was right in the front yard.  Though we did try that for a while.

remnants of a stump and roots

I finally couldn't stand it any longer and decided the best course of action was to cover it up.  It was a surprisingly quick and inexpensive project.

First, I removed all the grass and dead turf from the mound.  This took some sweat and effort because it had gotten so over grown, but I wanted to be sure that grass didn't pop back up later.

Next, I filled in the low spots with top soil that I purchased from the garden center.  It comes in 1 cubic foot bags.  For this, I needed 4 of them, which cost about $12.

After that, I covered the area with landscape cloth.  Since it is a relatively small area, I was able to make due with a small roll that only cost $10.  I even had some left over.

Lastly, I added some Lirope and marigolds that I split and moved from other spots in the garden.  And I covered the whole thing with 2 1/2 bags of mulch.  It was on sale four bags only cost $10 so I even have some left over to fill in other beds. The whole project took one afternoon and about $35.


And Voila! a nice neat little berm.

I did this project in the early fall, so I didn't plant much on it.   Next year I will add some hostas and  a small bush or perhaps some ornamental grasses to complete it.

UPDATE : Rather than adding hosta, I went with a Rose of Sharon, Coreopsis and some Digitalis that I split from another bed.

And here's what it looked like the following year.

I love this example I found on google click here to see more

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