Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning Glory a great low maintenance climber

Morning Glory (Ipomoea) is a great choice to bring color and drama to the garden.  It is very easy to grow and can be started from seeds sown right in the bed.  Seeds should be sown a week before the last frost date.  For best results, soak the hard seeds in water for a few days prior to sowing.  The first time I planted it I didn’t know this tip but still got a nice yield from the seed packet.
It is important to give the plants some room.  They grow up to twenty feet in the season and flower from mid-summer through the late fall. Most Morning Glory varieties are annual.   It’s a great climber and can be trained on trellises and arbors.  It can also be used to camouflage or soften hardscape or walls.
It is also known to seed readily.  This seeding can be assisted by planting the seed pods after the bloom dies off.

one season’s growth  reseeded from the prior year.

Morning Glory definitely makes the short list for low maintenance favorites.  It grows and flowers with almost no attention at all, and since it can be started from seeds with ease it’s a frugal favorite too.

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