Sunday, August 22, 2010

Easy container garden to do yourself

Making an eye-catching planter is not as difficult as you might think. Visit shopping centers or garden centers near you and borrow ideas from the professionally designed planters there. This will help to assure that the plants you select for your own arrangements are all compatible. It is important that all the plants used in one container or planter have the same light, water and soil composition requirements. If the requirements vary too much some plants won’t thrive and the look of the whole arrangement will suffer.

Coleus (Solenostemon) (1) is an annual in zones with winter snow. Though they do flower it’s the variegated leaves that make them a favorite. The color combinations are endless and include reds, chartreuse, greens and yellows. They prefer shade but will tolerate some sun too. Coleus do like a fair amount of water and sandy soil well drained soil.

Garden Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) (2)is an annual that prefers warm and dry conditions. It is also known as Indian Cress. Nasturtium needs well drained soil. It has lovely orange flowers which are edible.

Bromeliad (3)is perennial and nearly effortless to care for. Most varieties are draught tolerant, prefer shade and can flower for months at a time. The spiky leaves bring interesting texture and color to an arrangement. The center of the plants can be red, orange or yellow.

Lantana (4) is perennial in tropical climates (zones 8-11) and annual in colder ones. The plant flowers in the summer and often through the fall with beautiful multi-colored flower clusters that are very fragrant. They prefer sandy well-drained soil and sun or part shade.

Containers look best when the color and textures of each plant varies. This planter is a great example. The plants are quite varied in terms of colors and leaf shapes, yet all prefer well drained soil and will accept part shade.

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