Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from the weeds

Like many of us I lead a very hectic life and too often I don't get any immediate satisfaction for my efforts. I think that's why I am so drawn to gardening. When I spend a hour or two in the garden weeding or planting a flat I can see the results of my efforts right there in front of me. And as things begin to grown I can watch those efforts evolve into something even more satisfying.

I am now in my second season in my current garden. It was originally planned and lovingly maintained by a master. When the place was sold little more was done than an occasional lawn mowing for several years. The result was a disarray of plants gone to seed popping up any-which-way, mis-shapen bushes and more dandelions, maple and oak saplings, than I ever thought possible.

The thing is, I am no master gardener myself and my time and budget are pretty limited. Truth be told, my patience can be limited at times too. Yet I am enjoying the challenge of bringing the place back to some semblance of what it was while adding my own vision to it.

As the self-proclaimed Careless Gardener, I will share with you the short cuts that have worked and the ones that haven't.

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